Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Assignment #14: Poetry of Hope with Reading Buddies

Hello R8A and EF5A,

Welcome to the lab. We will be working with our buddies in here today (Wednesday). This Friday morning, we have the priviledge of hosting a Holocaust survivor at our school. Some of you know some about the Holocaust that happened during WWII and others will know very little. Today, your job is to do some exploration in partners (or groups of three) to learn more about what life was like for a child living in the time of the Holocaust. We are asking you to use empathy and understanding and read about difficult stories with hope and reverence.

Check out some of these sites and see what they have to offer and what you can learn:
Children in the Ghetto
Hana's Suitcase is a website about a very special brother and sister (Miss Pollock has an autographed copy of a book by the same name if you would like to learn more)
Daniel's Story exhibition photos (a wonderful museum exhibit based on the book of the same name about a young Jewish boy and his experiences during the Holocaust)
Poetry and Art about the Holocaust (this is a website designed for teachers, but you can scroll down and read some amazing poems to inspire you)

Once you and your buddy have done some reading and exploration, you will collaboratively write a short poem (at least four lines in length) expressing hope and a desire for peace, based on the information you have learned and your prior knowledge.

Grade 8s, you can share with your grade 5 buddies about the poem we read this morning, "The Butterfly" by Pavel Freidmann. Hopefully this will help to inspire you. Think also about our discussions about Empathy and your readings about the Golden Rule. Remember what it felt like to take on the persona of someone involved in war in your Assignment #11. You have lots of experience to tap in to for this assignment.

On Friday, we will get to hear the survivor stories of Eva Olson, and as is said about the Holocaust, "when you listen to a witness, you become a witness too".

Let's work together to create messages of peace and hope. The poems you write together will be posted on your blogs as Assignment #14. We look forward to reading your thoughtful words.


Hannah Zoe said...

Did you read "the butterfly" during first period today? That's the only time I wasn't there and I didn't hear it.

Hannah Zoe said...

There's no assignment 13. Is it because it's unlucky (like how apartments never have a 13th floor?) or did you just make an error?

Tyler said...

Hey Miss P me and my buddie have finished our poem.

Haneen said...

Hi miss P,
I finished my poem about my unique place! come check it out!


iksha said...

miss p me and my buddy finished the poem

Haneen said...

Hi miss P,
My buddy and I finished our poem.
Come check it out!


Hannah Zoe said...

Hey Miss Pollock,
I've finished all my assignments on my blog except for Assignment #4 (the group one)

Tara said...

Hi miss P. I'm done. come check it out. :)