Monday, 3 January 2011

Assignment #18 - SOLEs Continued

Hello friends,

Happy new year and welcome back to school!

To start off our new year, I would like you to look back at Assignment #4, the SOLEs. As your group of three or four, you need to work together to polish up this assignment and figure out a way to present your information in an interactive way to your classmates.

First, make sure that you have sufficient information that is thorough and specific. Refer back to the expectations in Assignment #4 for clarification. You will probably need to do some more research at this point. Remember that this is an assignment for several students and the work should reflect that. It should not be a short passage written by one person. You may need to make up some good, juicy questions and divide to answer them.

Once your writing is complete, work together as a group to come up with the best, most interesting way to present your information to your classmates. You can create a slideshow, a video, a Slam Poem, a Readers' Theatre presentation, an art gallery exhibit, a skit, a childrens' story, a poster, a game show, or a combination of those ideas. Maybe you have an even better idea of your own. All group members must take part in preparing your presentation and sharing it with the class.

Your presentation should be about five minutes long and you should introduce your topic, describe why it is relevant to your classmates and give them some ideas of how to use this information in their own lives.

You will have several classes to work on this (both in and out of the lab), but make sure to use your time effectively.

At the end of the presentations, you will have the opportunity to evaluate your own work, as well as the work of your peers.

Be creative, have fun and share your knowledge!


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