Friday, 24 September 2010

Setting up for comments

You need to help your blog become more user friendly.

Make sure that you have done the following:
-allow comments from anonymous posters (from your blog, click on "New Post" to get back to your editing screen, go to the Settings tab-->select Comments--> and change "Who can comment" to Anyone - allow anonymous posters")
-set up your preferences for comment moderation (Settings-->Comments--> and set your moderation preference as you wish, to either Always, Never or Only on posts older than 14 days)
-select "No" for "Show word verification for comments" (Settings-->Comments-->Show word verification...)
-follow this blog (Customize-->Dashboard-->Reading List: ADD-->type in my blog address, you can also link to your classmates' blogs in the same way.

Word verification is annoying, time wasting and weird. Fortunately, someone has made some really funny word verification cartoons.


Tyler said...

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charzie:) said...

hi ms.pollock i dont really get this assighnment

Tyler said...

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Tyler said...

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Thank you,