Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Find Your Hosts for DigLitCirc Section 1

Ms. Crosbie has posted about our first section of Digital Lit Circles discussions. Please check her blog to see which student (the Host) will be posting a question for you to discuss.

Her students will be posting questions by Friday and you will have up until next Friday to respond. In order to get the most interesting, engaging discussion going, make sure to return to the Host's blog often and read all comments and add your own.

In class on Thursday (tomorrow) we will go over your expectations for this in more detail.

Update: Discussions are off to a rip roaring start. If you have made your 100-500 word answer and two (or more) responses in the host's comments, you can also check out the other discussions going on. If you have already read some of Eric Walters other books, I recommend that you head over to the other blogs and see what those groups are talking about.

The Sketches group is being hosted on Andrianna's blog and has raised a lot of wonderful points, their discussion is well underway and deserves a read.


Haneen said...

Miss Pollock! I can't believe how FANTASTIC our discussion is going! Thank you and Ms. Crosbie for putting all this effort into it!


Ms. Crosbie said...

Hi Miss Pollock,

I like how your students are using a guideline of 100-500 words for their posts. I think that is a great idea, and my students will be given the same guidelines for the remainder of the Literature Circles!

Kudos to your students who have been doing a fantastic job so far!