Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Assignment #17: The Slam!

Hello darlings,

As you can see, I am not here right now. My fall down the stairs has caused more than a little amount of pain and I'm going home to rest.

However, the lovely Ms. Froggett and wonderful Mr. Terrade ARE here with you.

Please spend this period wisely and work on this new assignment (#17) that will be due Friday and your Eric Walters inspired story (#16) that is due the Monday after the holidays.

I am SO PROUD of ALL of you and your hard work with writing and performing your amazing poems. You ALL blew me away with your creativity, your use of language, how much you pushed yourselves, your courage and your flow. I want you to take some time to reflect on today's slam.

1. For this assignment, I'd like you to start a new post on your own blog.

2. Link back to this assignment.

3. Answer the following questions in full sentences:

You will be doing a fair amount of writing (IN FULL SENTENCES), so remember to leave some spaces between your answers so it is easy for your reader to read (perhaps hit enter between each response), read over and edit your work, spell check and make sure you've followed all directions.

a) What did you learn from Greg and Beth Ann? (at least 2 things)

b.) When writing your own poem, what did you use as inspiration? (at least 3 things)

c.) What are you most proud of from your poem or your presentation of it? (at least one thing)

d.) How did you feel before you performed?

e.) How did you feel AFTER you performed?

f.) What would you change about your own poem or performance for next time? (at least 1 thing)
g.) What did you learn/like about someone else's poem?

4. Post your poem on your blog.

Think about whether you would like to take part in the Youth Slam in the new year. We will certainly share our poems again, perhaps at a coffee house or an assembly. We'll talk about that later.


jatinder said...


Mateen said...

Je suis fini :) I speak french.

Sara K. said...

Hey Ms. Pollock! I hope your back feels better soon! I'm done my reflection about our slam workshops! (:

Hannah Zoe said...

Can I do the assignment and omit d and e since I wasn't there?

jumanh said...

Missy Pollock Im done assignment # 17

Claire said...

Hello Ms.P!

I'm done this assignment.
Check it out?


iksha said...

miss p i m done:)

Haneen said...

Hi miss p,
I am done my assignment! come check it out please.


shahad said...

Hello miss P
i have finished my assignment
please come and check it .

Haneen said...

Hi miss P,
I am done my assignment come check it out! You can also have a look on my new poem, it's based on a true story. Hope you're having a great holiday so far!


Walid said...

Hey miss. p i did it...i did it befroe and i just relized i didnt post it now....anyways come check it out

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done :)

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hey miss pollock I no im a little late on this assignment but im done:) come check it out :)


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hi a am finshed