Monday, 7 March 2011

DigLitCirc Summary Expectations

Hello all,

Two weeks after you have hosted a question and all your group members from Oshawa and Ottawa have answered, the host must post a synthesis on his or her blog.

You must write a summary post on your own blog...

-read all the comments made by your group members, notice any interesting trends, over-arching themes and on-going questions

-create a graphic organizer on paper to summarize their thoughts (this is your rough draft)

-write a paragraph:
  • intro: what your book is, what your question was, what the group members answered overall (big idea), three pieces of support written in a concise way
  • support #1: the most powerful piece of support to prove what your group members though/you decided the consensus was
  • support #2: another piece of support to prove your big idea
  • support #3: another very powerful piece of support
  • conclusion: summarize what you want the reader to understand about the big idea, leave them with something to think about (a connection, a question...)
-carefully edit your paragraph for clarity, spelling, punctuation and grammar
-post the paragraph on your blog in a new post
-link to all your group members in this post and thank them for their contributions


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Hey Miss Pollock. Its ruqia :) Please Link to my blog

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Hello there, I have completed my post.

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Good Morning Miss P. I have finished the summary for Discussion #4 and would very much like it if you would check it out!