Thursday, 30 September 2010

Day 2 - Today's Checklist

Good afternoon, R8A,

Today is our second day in the lab working on blogs. You have a lot of work to complete today. If you do not finish all the listed tasks in class time, you may stay after school or work on these tasks on the weekend.

The following tasks must be completed by Monday, October 4th:
-you must have your blog set up
-you must put a comment on my blog, telling me your blog is set up (then, I can link to your blog from mine)
-you must "follow" my blog publicly
-you must set your comment moderation so that you get an email when someone comments
-you must set your comment settings so that there is no word verification
-you must write your first juicy post (a Welcome post)


Haneen said...

Hi, Ms. Pollock!
My welcome post is complete. Please, check it out.
Inaddition, I hate a small peom i just finished. Hope you like it!

jumanh said...

Hey miss pollock i posted my welcome blog

jumanh said...

Hello miss polock check outr my welcome blog