Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Assignment #8: HOW are you Creative?

Hello pups,

I was asked a very interesting question the other day, which is "HOW are you creative?" This person took for granted that everyone IS creative, but we are all creative in different ways. I loved that attitude and I totally agree with it. Sometimes people claim, "I'm not creative." All I can say to that is WRONG! Each one of us is creative, but sometimes in very different ways.

Your task is to tell and to show us how YOU are creative. Some of you have wonderful talents that I already know about. Willeme denies it, but he is an AMAZING dancer. Noah can navigate a basketball court. Tyler loves to draw. Amy is a writer. Haneen is a poet. Melissa is a songbird. Hannah is an empath. Jeffrey is an animal tamer. Sara is a rocker. Charlotte can express herself through art. Qavi is a stand up comedian. Reshad is an artist. Mateen is a programmer. That's not all you are, though. Each of you is so much more than that, you may not even want to focus on those talents that I've listed. There are SO many talents that you each have and you often keep them hidden. It's time to bring them out into the open!

Our classroom FLAIR was a great way for you to demonstrate your passions, and I'm going to let you do that again, on your blogs. Not only will your classmates and I see what you have to share, but so will your buddies in Ms. Thurow's classes in Toronto (hi!) and your buddies in Ms. Crosbies classes in Oshawa (hello!) and my classmates in the course I'm taking at Queen's (hola!). In fact, anyone, anywhere in the world with Internet access, can see where you shine and HOW you are creative.

I want you to be creative in how you complete this task. After all, this is a task about your individual creativity. Your requirements are: start a new blog post and in it, tell us (with words) and show us (with music, pictures, video...) HOW you are creative. Your posts will be very unique, but I want you to make sure you really showcase your abilities. In the words of your post, you need to include a description of HOW you are creative, HOW you express that creativity and WHY it is so important to you.

Some examples: you may want to record yourself dancing and post a video of that on your blog with a description of why you are passionate about this and how it helps you to express your point of view. You may want to photograph and post examples of designs you've created for clothing. The sky is the limit on this one. You may want to embed samples of your video game designs.

If you need access to a video camera or digital camera and do not have one, you can make an appointment with me and we'll use mine. I'll even show you how to upload and embed videos and photos.

You'll notice that this post is a lot of text and not much else. That's deliberate on my part. I don't want to sway you too much one way or another. I want you to create posts that are meaningful and exciting to you.

There is a lot of freedom in this task and I don't want you to rush into publishing your post. You can always hit "Save now" and come back and work on a post in the "Edit Posts" tab. This is a very personal, innovative task when I want you to reflect honestly and share creatively. I cannot wait to see what you come up with!

Good luck!

***when you start your post, make absolute certain to link back to this assignment post*** (you should be doing this on all your assignment posts)


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