Friday, 24 September 2010


Hello students of R8A (and anyone else who happens to stumble on this blog!)

Welcome to your brand new blogging project for 2010-2011.

I am very excited about this project for a number of reasons:
1. I love providing you with the opportunity to use techlology in interesting ways in your learning.
2. We will be able to communicate with each other in new ways.
3. We will be able to communicate with other people (at other schools, in other cities) in interesting and exciting ways.

We will all be learning as we go, including me, your teacher. We'll try out some interesting things and I want you all to be open to new ideas as well as sharing your input on how things are going.

Our first steps:
-opening multiple windows in your browser
-creating your blog
-editing your blog template
-editing your profile (ensuring for privacy!)
-ensuring our settings are open so that people can leave comments (without having to fill in all those crazy "captchas")
-learning how to make a comment
-responding to comments
-labelling tags for posts
-creating hyperlinks
-embedding photos and video
-writing, spellchecking and editing posts
-making your first post

We will work together to develop your blogs over the remainder of the year. You will work on your blogs both in and out of class. Don't forget that you're welcome to make an appointment with me after school or during recesses so that I can give you some one-on-one guidance or you can have extra time to work in our computer lab.

To remind you what exactly a blog is, click on the highlighted word.

I am so excited about this project and I hope you are too!

Let's get rocking and rolling!

Miss P

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hey Mrs.Pollock!
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