Thursday, 10 February 2011

DigLitCirc Section 2 Hosts

Hello all,

Discussions for section 1 of the novels went beautifully. Thank you all for your wonderful contributions. Please make sure you are keeping up with all the due dates and contact me right away if you are falling behind for any reason. There's not a lot of time to catch up, as we need everyone on the same page (literally!).

R8A is very happy to be hosting the DigLitCirc discussions this week. All should be done commenting on the section one discussion questions and reading section 2 of their novels. Get ready for the second section discussions!

The hosts are:

Black and White - Noah
Sketches - Melissa
We All Fall Down - Will
Wave - UPDATE - Connor is hosting
Shaken - Tara
Wounded - Reshad
Branded - Qavi

They will be posting their fantastic questions on their blogs by the end of the day Friday so that their group members can start discussing the topics they suggest.

Remember, hosts, here are your critera:
-welcome all your group members by name (hyperlink to their blogs)
-give info: book title, author, section read (chapter numbers)
-decide on the question you want to ask and consult with your teacher to make sure it is a great one (you can talk to Ms. Wark about this or email Miss Pollock)
-post your thought-provoking question
-put a comment on your own post, answering your question
-make sure to respond to each of your group members at least once (thank them for their contributions, seek clarification, agree/disagree respectfully, add more information...)

Group members, here are your criteria:
-read your assigned section
-add to your character web and vocab list (in the Readers' Response section of your binder)
-visit the Host's blog to find out your digital discussion question
-prepare your response carefully - 100-500 words EDITED and PROOFREAD!
-post your response to the comment section of the Host's blog post
-read the other postings and respond at least twice

All members of R8A:
-check out the questions on your teacher's blog page (the page tab at the top of this blog: DigLitCirc Reader's Response)
-follow instructions from there - Response A is due next Wednesday (see due dates on the right hand side of Miss P's blog)


Walid said...

Miss.P i did the one sentence for the history fair on my blog.

Haneen said...

Ms. Pollock! I am done my Reader's Response A. Come check it out!

Melissa said...

I finished my Reader's Response Part A! It didn't show on your latest posts, so I just wanted to let you know! Have a good night!

jumanh said...

Miss.pollock I am done my Digital lit circle answers!
Man it feels good to write that !

Hannah Zoe said...

Hi Miss Pollock. I couldn't find a way to comment on the Reader's Response post but I'm finished response A. Come check it out!

iksha said...

sorry miss:)p done this assignment reader's response

Amy said...

heyy miss pollock i finished the readers resoppnse questions on my blog!

jatinder said...

Ms. Pollock| I am done my Reader's Response A

iksha said...

done with the assignment Questoin by our host enen its late

jeffrey.v said...

i put a comment on qavi blog

Ms. Crosbie said...

Hi Miss Pollock and class!
Discussions are going amazingly. I love how there are so many great ideas and questions coming out of the woodwork. Keep up the good work, everyone!

The third set of discussion posts are now available, as well. They are all linked from my blog.

jeffrey.v said...

i am finshed my literature circles responses

charzie:) said...

i fis\nished 3 weeks ago, but didnt tell you till now :)