Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Assignment #25: My Childhood Top Ten

Hello R8A,

  Your newest assignment has a lot of purposes:
1. Practicing your fantastic Writers' Workshop skills.
2. Reflecting on your childhood. Always a fun exercise!
3. Preparing you for our upcoming unit in English (I'll leave you to do a little guessing on this one!)
4. Demonstrating your amazing blogging skills.

  For this assignment, you are going to create a Top Ten list of your favourite childhood things. In your list you must include at least FOUR childrens' books (that you enjoyed under the age of 10) and TWO toys/games you liked to play as a little one. You can choose what you write about for the others.

1. Start a new post titled "Assignment #25: _____'s Childhood Top Ten"
2. Write a list of your top ten childhood items/memories (include at least four books and their authors and at least two toys/games).
      -number each item
      -write the title in bold
3. Write one paragraph about each item, what it was, why you love(d) it and if it is still special to you.
4. Add a relevant photo to each item on the list. Make sure you place it in the post with that item.
5. Link to websites about each of the books you chose (amazon, chapters, or another site).
6. Proofread carefully and publish your post.

Marking criteria
-Use of Writers Workshop tools: vivid images, muscular verbs, verb tense
-Structure of blog post
-Handed in on time
-Detail in descriptions
-Links to favourite childhood books

I want to give you time to work on this and be creative, but I'll be sharing my Childhood Top Ten with you as well!


Tyler said...

Miss P i don't rele have any childhood memories that are happy and that other people would want to read :,(

Melissa said...

What's your childhood top ten? Oh yeah, I know what we're going to be doing in our upcoming unit!!

iksha said...

can't find any book of my country in google. sooo hard to find ita alll nepalese book

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Claire said...

I'm done Ms.Pollock!

Please excuse the fonts and layout of my post.
I don't know what went wrong, I tried to change it, but I didn't work.

Sorry about that,


jatinder said...

did-o :}

Haneen said...

This was hard since I can't remember what happened three years ago but I made it I guess. I am done miss p, check it out!

Hannah said...

Hey Miss Pollock, I finished but I still can't seem to get pictures to uploads. It keeps saying "error."

iksha said...


jumanh said...

Hey Mrs.Pollock !
I am done :D

Sara K. said...

Hello Miss Pollock! I would like you to know that I have completed this assignment. You may come and check it out if you wish.

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Amrita's Core Blog said...

Mrs.Pollock I'm done my assignment#25 Plesae look.

aisha said...

Hi Mrs. Pollock,
I'm done assignment#25.

Amy said...

hey miss pollock
i finished my assignment!

charzie:) said...

Heeyy Ms.Pollock i'm all done my ChildHood top 10! come check it out ! :)

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will said...

miss p. i was done a long time ago i just forgot to comment please come check it out befor it to late

willeme said...

im done come and see