Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Assignment #7 - World of Work!

Hello friends,

Exactly one week from today, we will be on our first field trip of the year! We will be at Landsdowne Park at The World of Work. This is always a really fun morning for our grade 8s and I'm sure this year will be no exception.

In preparation for our trip, make sure you've returned your permission form by Friday. If it's not in by then, you will be staying behind! If for some reason, you've misplaced your form, please email me right away and I will get one for you.
The purpose of this event is to highlight opportunities in our communities and schools to support you as you transition into the world of work, the trades and college. There will be more than 60 presenters with interactive, informative booths at this event. When we are there, you are encouraged to seek out the booths that interest you, ask questions and pick up materials. There will be presenters there from the following sectors: Construction Sector, Design & Manufacturing Sector, Service Sector, Information & Technology Sector and Transportation Sector. All of us will, at some point in our lives, work in the trades. This is a very important, informative assignment and field trip.

Start a new post and follow these steps:
-Link back to this post
1. Do some research on these sectors (I've linked to some helpful sites to get you started, see below)
2. Think about which sector appeals the most to you. Why? List at least 2 reasons
3. List at least three specific jobs for each sector (5 sectors x 3 jobs each = 15 jobs listed) (you may make some inferences or guesses here)
4. What do you hope to learn more about on our field trip? Write at least 4 questions you have.
5. What pathway do you plan on taking after high school? College? The world of work/trades? University? Why? What do you specifically want to do as a career (or careers!)?
6. Include some relevant photographs to your entry (at least 2)
7. Link back to the sites where you found your information at the bottom of your post under the heading: References

Some places to start looking for information:
Skillscanada.com - especially THIS page
World Skills Portal
Skilled Trades Guide


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