Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Assignment #15 - Slam Poets Response

Hello R8A,

Thanks to your fantastic fundrasising efforts, we raised a total of $321.oo of the $327.70 we needed to host a four day Slam Poetry workshop in our class. We'll work hard to pull together the final $6.70 this week! Your efforts were amazing!

Yesterday (December 7th), Greg "Ritallin" Frankson and Beth Anne Fisher came in to our class and blew our minds.

We got to know Beth Anne and Greg a bit as they told us a little bit about their origins and then learned a lot more about them through their amazing Spoken Word. Greg performed two drastically different works and Beth Anne performed one. It was interesting to get to see the different styles that different poets use and that a poet uses for different poems. It was a good reminder that each poet has his or her own unique voice.

Throughout our sessions with Greg and Beth Anne, you will continue to develop your own voice and you will actually perform a 3 minute long memorized poem in our class Poetry Slam. If this captivates you and lights your passion, you can participate in a Youth Slam that Greg is organizing in the new year.

I can't tell you how proud I am of the work you are creating. In ten minutes, with one "springboard word", you wrote an amazing array of poems. Greg and Beth Anne were amazed too, and were so happy to see the advanced point we're starting from. Because they were so impressed, they taught us the "3...2...1...Raise it!" welcome for new poets.

Guess what the "3...2...1..Raise it!" reminds me of?

You've got it, a 321 response!

For your assignment #15, I want you to do a 321 response about your experiences in our Slam Poetry workshop.

The questions are below. Please start a new post on your blog and link back to this post, answer the questions in full sentences with lots of care and detail.

3 things that you are looking forward to learning, developing or using in your poetry over the course of our Slam workshops.

2 things that Greg or Beth Anne reinforced that we have already been doing in class, or you are already using in your own writing.

1 poem that you wrote yesterday. Here is your chance to continue to work on step 1 of the 3 step poetry writing process (step 1 - write, revise, edit and proofread, step 2 - memorize, so you can connect with the audience, step 3 - perform!). Take some time to polish your poem from the 10 minutes of writing you did yesterday.

I look forward to reading your responses. Please leave a comment on this post when you have completed assignment #15 on your blog.

Remember to read and follow all instructions.

Remember to read over your post before publishing and to do a spell check!


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