Thursday, 22 July 2010

You've found it!

Well done, you've found it! Miss Pollock's Digital Classroom. Welcome. Take a look around, check out some of the links and the pages and enjoy! Please feel encouraged to leave a comment or question and I'll try to respond to the best of my abilities. As you know, if I don't have an answer for you, I'll help you to find one and we can both continue learning along with each other.

This blog will be what we make it. I'm happy to post about the things I mention in class (like those youtube videos that we can't access from school!) and link you to interesting places I've found on the Internet.

We can also use this blog as a great place to recommend books to one another, ask questions and write reviews. Remember my one cardinal rule in book reviews and recommendations, NO SPOILERS! If what you want to share gives away too much information, keep it to yourself until your classmate (or I!) has read the book!

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Zuhair.A said...

Ms.Pollock i'm done my Name project, come check it out on my blog!!!