Thursday, 30 September 2010


Today in the library, Ms. Holmes and I issued a challenge to you, the students of R8A. I have been using the school board's library check-out system to help you sign out books lately and I learned that the system is called "Alexandria". Your challenge today was to use the books in the library to determine why that system would be called "Alexandria". Several of you had good guesses, but ultimately, Mateen, Claire and Jumanh solved the mystery.

Alexandria is a city in Egypt where a very important building was located. No, it's not the lighthouse I'm referring to! Alexandria housed the world's first library.

Hopefully one of you will make a fortune one day with this knowledge nugget (perhaps as Jeopardy question!?).

Do you know any other interesting name origins? The library computer system is named after the location of the first library. Are you named for something special? You can leave a comment here or make a post on your blog for a bonus.

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jumanh said...

oh my god that took me and claire forever.But miss pollock is awsome and still gave us the price thanks mispollock.