Friday, 25 February 2011

You're About to be Educational Superstars!

Hello octopuses,

Be good for Ms. Wark today, as I am in Kingston, presenting about your awesome work.

If you would like to watch the slideshow I'll be sharing, you can take a few minutes and check it out!

DigLitCirc Discussion #4 hosts should be posting their questions today and commenting to let me know they're up.

Have a great Winter Fun Day tomorrow, good luck this weekend getting your boards and speeches all ready for Monday and have a fabulous weekend!

See you Monday,
Miss P


iksha said...

its so coollll:)

Melissa said...

Miss Pollock, this is excellent! I'm so happy that you used my blog as an example, and you used a quote that I wrote about blogging. Thank you! You and Mrs. Crosbie are going to be awesome. Good luck!

Miss Jessica said...

I am a gr. 6/7 teacher who attended the Ideas Conference, and you were right Melissa - they WERE awesome. I was lucky enough to watch their presentation today - and came home immediately to start my class blog! well done!

Mme Reddick said...

I would like to start a class blog, too. I was really inspired by the work that Miss Pollock, Mrs. Crosbie, and their classes were doing.
Keep up the FANTASTIC work, everyone!