Monday, 18 October 2010

Tweet Up

Hello R8A (and other readers out there in Blogville!),

This afternoon, Mateen and Noah stuck around after school to take part in a "Tweet Up" (a twitter meet-up) with professors and students at Algonquin College. Twitter was not being terribly reliable (it was VERY slow), but Mateen had a chance to answer lots of questions about his interesting part-time job (app developer). If you are interested in seeing what went on, you can see a summary here.

I am having such a blast with you this year, R8A and I can't wait to learn more about ALL of your hidden talents. We'll do an assignment very soon called "HOW are you creative?", where you'll have a chance to showcase your unique talents. Feel free to leave a comment below giving us a clue about what those are!

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Mateen said...

That was incredibly fun!