Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Behind MY Name

I saw how much fun you were all having with Assignment #3 - Behind Your Name and I decided to join in! Also, you can take a look at this as a sample for completing your own assignment. Make it juicy!

Behind My Name - Shauna Elizabeth Pollock (Salvatore) (when you do your post, include only your first and middle names unless you get parental permission to include your surname/s. I'm a grown up so I didn't need parental permission. Yes, it rocks to be old!)

Before I started this assignment, I thought my name was pretty great, because it's uncommon enough that I feel pretty unique and when I meet another "Shauna" (especially if it's spelled the same!), I get really excited and feel like we're somehow linked. I also like that it rhymes with Madonna, iguana and banana (if you say it in a British accent).

I think my parents chose this name for me because they thought it was a nice name. My Aunt Lisa says that she pressured them to use it because she had a crush on Shaun Cassidy. My dad says he knew a nurse that was named Shauna and she was really nice. My mom seemed pretty clueless about girls names, as she was SURE I was going to be a boy and she wanted me to be "Jared Daniel". I was almost named "Jana" which is a name I don't like as much as my own, but there was a cool story to it. My maternal grandparents are "Jack" and "Verna" so "Ja" from Jack and "-na" from Verna = "Jana", plus, I was born in January. However, my aunt got pregnant for my cousin shortly after my mom got pregnant with me and my aunt wanted to name her baby (if it was a girl) "Jenna". Many of you know that Jenna is like a sister to me and her babies, Andy and Will are my precious nephews. I'm glad we're not Jana and Jenna. That's just a little too precious.

After searching on Behind the Name and Baby Names, I learned that my name means "God is gracious". It took a while to find it on Behind the Name, because it took me through all the versions of my name: Shauna - Shaun - Sean - John.

Some other interesting things I learned are that Shauna has only once in history been in the top 300 girls names. When I was born, it was the 299th most popular girls name!

I think my name does suit me because I like the way it sounds coming out of my mouth, I love writing it and, like I said before, I like how unique it is. The meaning of my name doesn't really have anything to do with my life, but it's a great name, in my opinion. (Plus, "Shauna Pollock" sounds a lot like "Shopaholic" which is funny to me.)

If I could give myself a new name it would be something really funky and gender ambiguous like Vaughn or Hendrix (after Stevie Ray Vaughn or Jimi Hendrix, really amazing guitarists).

Other information: I looked up the origins of my full name.
Shauna = God is gracious
Elizabeth = my god is a vow
Pollock = coronet (a horn)
Salvatore = rescuer

Basically, I'll conclude that I am a gracious, promise keeping rescuer who is as loud as a hooting coronet. Do you think that's about right?

This is the actual Pollock family crest. The logo means "boldly and strongly" and the boar pierced with the arrow means Pollocks fight to the death. Awesome.

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