Tuesday, 19 October 2010

It Gets Better - Part 2

Hello R8A,

I'm sorry that I'm not there with you today. The cold that I've been had for weeks has gotten even worse. I'm going to a few appointments and hopefully I'll get much better really soon! I miss you all. Please make sure to read through the new posts and prioritize your tasks. I've changed your SOLE assignment due dates, so you can do your individual assignments and tasks first.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 20th is the Day of Purple. People all over the world will be wearing purple clothes to show support for people's individuality and in memory of the young men who have taken their own lives because of LGBTQ bullying.

I will be decked out in a cool purple dress and purple nail polish at my doctor's appointments. Will you wear purple tomorrow?

Click here to read my post, It Gets Better. Reflect on reasons why it is important to show your support. For a bonus, link back to this post and create a new post on your blog.


jumanh said...

Hey Miss Pollock I hope you get better.I will defentiley ware purple hope you get better we miss you too.

Hannah Zoe said...

Hey Ms. Pollock,
I heard about this purple day on a youtube video I was watching and I started planning my outfit. I'm thinking head to toe purple! I hope everyone else participates in this awesome event! Hope you're feeling better Ms. P!!

Melissa said...

I know I'm wearing purple for sure!And I even blogged about this very important day tomorrow so everyone will get the message! Check it out!

Haneen said...

Hi Miss p!

I hope get better!
I just finished a whole new post about why it is so important to show our support.
I am sure going to wear purple tomorrow too!
Come and check it out, please!

Hannah Zoe said...

Hey Ms. Pollock,
check out my new blog post!