Thursday, 7 October 2010

Student of the Month Reflection due Friday, October 8th

Date: _________________ Name:____________________


Empathy Student of the Month Presentation


Please answer these questions with detail. You can submit your answers by email, on your blog or on paper. This is due tomorrow (Friday, October 8th, 2010).

After watching the video of our Empathy presentation, reflect on what you saw and how it felt creating the performance, practising and performing.

Please answer in full sentences with lots of detail and juicy words.

3 Things that I think would have helped to improve our presentation

2 Things that I think went really well

1 Piece of advice I have for students who will be performing in the future


jumanh said...

Miss Pollock I am done my Empathy 321 assignment.

Melissa said...

Hi Miss P! I finished my 3,2,1 assignment! It's on my blog right now! Check it out!

Haneen said...

Hi, Ms. Pollock!
I just finished mine, please check it out.

zack said...

Hey ms pollock im done the assingment so check it out

Claire said...

Hello Ms.Pollock!

I did the empathy assignment, come check it out whenever you have time! Thanks!


Mateen said...

cant believe i forgot this. Anyways i did it :)

check it out.